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What Does A Feminist Look Like?

Obvi, We're The Ladies

I’ve never called myself a feminist. At protests I strategically evade the chant “This is what a feminist looks like” and when others place the label on me, I never affirm or deny what they’ve said. I’ve been the “token” black girl in classrooms, at rallies, and at work since I was 14. Now at 26, I’ve become pretty good at avoiding the labels other people place on me out of habit. But the word feminist is a label that I grapple with on a daily basis because I unquestionably live my life in accordance with what feminism is supposed to be, but I have never found comfort, solace, or empowerment in calling myself a feminist.

The first time that I can remember this conflict within myself was in college. I was an editor for a feminist magazine and regularly attended meetings for the organization that published it. I don’t…

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