bossadi (noun) /bøs-ah-dee/

  1. A combination of the word ‘boss’ and the seSotho word for woman, ‘mosadi’ (mü-sah-dee)
  2. A young woman trying to make it on this ticking time bomb, slaying regardless


I’m no stranger to blogging, but considering the years I’ve taken off, I might as well be starting from the beginning. When I was introduced to WordPress in 2011, I had a little amateur blog which — when I think about it now — was a miscellaneous mess. I didn’t know what my purpose was with the blog so there I was, just writing about anything and everything. It was a disfigured combination of personal diary entries, observations of the world from my self-righteous, naïve point of view. Only this year, I deleted it for good. I tried to ignore it or hope WordPress would swallow it into obscurity, but I felt as though it would always lead to me and I no longer wanted to be associated with such.

That’s how I feel about my writing of the past; it makes me cringe like nobody’s business. I thought ‘either I should never blog again or try a second time with a better sense of purpose and once I’ve learned to edit my posts and add references’. Now, I’m ready to start writing the way I should’ve been doing from the jump. I guess that’s just part of being a writer; something you wrote ages ago that sounded great at the time now makes you angry at yourself for writing it.

Bossadi is my little project into which I shall empty my ideas, future aspirations and thoughts. Every hour or so, a set of new thoughts materialise in their heads, and before having this blog I thought ‘Aaargh, I could really write something about this’. The hard part is putting out something worth writing that’s not just an epic rant about things I don’t like. So I’ll be practising a lot of discipline, especially in replying to any comments because I know, with the opinions I have, I’ll butt head with someone.

It’s alright, though. What’s a comment thread war to someone who’s survived many in less dignified spaces? Lol.

Welcome to Bossadi. I hope you like what I’m gonna do to this place.